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Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign is supported by Fund Duel, an interactive, engaging participatory fundraising website. The objective our campaign is to collect funds to finance the expenses of MusiKenya’s First Program, which is going to take place at the University of Embu (Embu) between April 25th and May 22nd.

We can’t do it alone, that is why we need people like you to support our cause!

With your contribution you will be able to help music teachers and musicians from all around Kenya. They need you!

Donate by uploading a cool, funnny, crazy, stunning or cute picture/video of the challenge, the Team Captain promoted. That can be your fury friend, you playing music on a crazy place or in an unusual position, try a new instrument or just make a happy face. You choose. Meanwhile you compete with others for the best contribution.

Of course you can donate by just scrolling through the gallery, looking at the pictures.

And if you're interested to become a Team Captain yourself, please contact us.

Support your favorite Team Captain and by helping MusiKenya all the way through the Fund Duel Campaign you might win a CONCERT (online or in person pending on the location) with the MusiKenya team tailored for you!

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