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  ‘MusiKenya’ is …

  • Challenging and nurturing participants of all ages and skill levels.

  • Promoting excellence in instruction, performance, and practice.

  • Giving participants a solid musical foundation, while encouraging their creativity.

  • Preparing participants for continued musical study, instilling in them respect and professionalism.

  • Committing to lifelong learning and nurturing the pursuit of music-making by creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone.

  • Advocating for the value of music in the community.

  • Leading through positive action to serve others for the greater good of society.

  • Creating educational workspaces in collaboration with like-minded organisations.

  • And importantly: we provide a Certificate signed by the University of Embu and KNATCOM

‘Musikenya’ enables participants to raise their aspirations, to enrich their communities, to contribute to a life-changing experience, and to grow professionally.

Our Mission

Our Mission

MusiKenya offers certified music education programs for music teachers and musicians to raise the quality of Music Education and to empower Kenyan musicians to pursue a career in music whilst also impacting local communities.


Our Vision

MusiKenya assures the highest standards of music education, ensuring that each child across Kenya has access to active music-making, current resources, properly trained music specialists, and the chance to engage in nationally recognized music programs.

Our Program


Our 1-month-long program consists of a variety of musical classes and lectures in order to bring expertise and sustainable skills to the participants. By attending at least 85% of the program, participants receive certification from the University of Embu and Kenya National Commission of Unesco as proof of their commitment and professionalism in Music Education.

Mandatory classes

Instrumental/singing lessons, traditional

African instruments, lectures in psychology, pedagogy, music management, and more

from a variety of music genres

Optional classes

Improvisation, arranging, conducting, choir training, choral singing, collaborative piano, piano tuning, performance training, and many more

Workshops and career enhancement activities

Masterclass on Music Education, Music Management, and other music-related topics along with simulations of masterclasses with young students and a career fair.


Weekly performances as soloists and in ensembles to enhance performance skills and gain confidence

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